Publish with Museletter

A public profile for your content

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Share your ideas

Create a public profile for your Drive. Publish any Drive file, as a blog or newsletter, to the profile. You can also publish to an email list.

Grow your audience

Use community features, analytics, and more

Get paid

Offer paid subscriptions to your content

Use Cases

Meet Jenna

Jenna is a marketing specialist. She creates and shares Google Slides that explain different marketing techniques. To monetize her Slides, she offers a paid subscription plan to her content.

Meet Jojo

Jojo is a world traveler. After her recent trip, she drops her photos, along with narration, in a Google Doc. She publishes the doc, as a blog, to her email list.

Meet Tyson

Tyson is a financial advisor. He creates Google Sheets, which show how to save for retirement. He publishes the content to his public profile.

Common Questions

How does Museletter work?Create a public profile for your Google Drive and publish any Google Drive file directly to it. You can also publish to an email list. Just open Museletter, choose a Drive file, and publish. It’s that easy.
Can I share my content privately?Yes! You control how you share your work. With private sharing, you can directly email your content or grant exclusive access to subscribers.
What features come with a public profile?You get community features, engagement analytics, and more.
How much does Museletter cost?Use Museletter without charge. We plan to build premium features, such as custom domains, welcome emails, and more.
Why should I request early access now?You'll be the first to know when Museletter is ready!
Can I bring in my email audience?Yes! You can bring audiences from other platforms into Museletter.
When can I try Museletter?We are working to bring you Museletter within the coming months.
Can I get paid for my writing?You can offer paid subscriptions to your content.
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